Hi, I'm Rob

I'm a singer-songwriter, music producer and artist.

I collect typewriters and love restoring everything vintage. Originally from Holland, I’m now living and working in Norway.


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Vocal/Acoustic Guitar: Rob Tijink
Bass: Frode Ødegård
Piano/Organ: Lars Viken
Drums: Nino Alexander Moscoso-Araya Lead
Guitar: Thorbjørn Hoelsveen​

Some of my work

"Follow The River" full album on Spotify

Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Harmonica/Keyboards: Rob Tijink
Drums, Percussion, solo on Picture in My Mind: Nino Alexander Moscoso-Araya
Dobro, Ukelele, Background Vocals: Stig Ronny Fredrikstuen
Background Vocals, vocals: Siri Mette Willerud
Background vocals: Roy Bekkelund​

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